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Athrun x Lacus Community

I Never Dreamed that You'd be Mine

White Symphony
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A community dedicated to Athrun x Lacus
This is the community formed to support the Athrun x Lacus pairing in Gundam Seed.

by misteline @ inconcerto

Community Rules

1. There will be NO bashing of any characters/pairings in this community. Theories and friendly discussion is fine, but bashing is not. Anyone who does so will have their post removed immediately.

2. The posting of art and fanfiction is welcome and encouraged! If the work is not your own, you must link and credit the creator.

3. Lemons and adult-oriented art must be marked accordingly and put behind an LJ cut. Please use the appropriate rating system. (K, K+, T, M, Lemon)

Since there aren't that many rules, I hope that there will be little problem in following them. Any posts that go against these rules will be edited or deleted, and the poster will be warned. If the same poster does so again, they will lose their posting privileges.

Our Moderators (and how to reach them)

Rose (lj user="blkros">)
email:destinysblackrose @ hotmail.com

Crystaltear (crystaltear)
email: crystaltear @ livejournal. com


White Symphony Athrun x Lacus C2 Community at Fanfiction.net

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