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the Black Rose

Win a Dream Date - News / Extension until July 25

So, one of our very own community members is offering PRIZES in order to encourage folks. We have up on the prize block, some Hobbylink Japan gift certificates. In keeping with the spirit, I am adding a lovely Athrun x Lacus doujinshi by Soul Taker (I'll post some scans ASAP) - their work is by far one of my absolute favorites for this couple. :)

Sooooooooo, what this means is I'm going to extend the deadline and open the challenge up to more claiming. Please feel free to promote this contest on your ljs or any applicable comms (that wouldn't MIND a pimping post). If you want to mention the community in your profiles or your own websites, I'd be very appreciative.

The more dates Athrun gets, the more he'll continue to one-up just about everything.

Yzak: HEY! I heard that! Why am I even a part of these posts? I don't give a damn if that 2nd-rate has-been gets a date, especially not with Lacus!

Dearka: *drags Yzak away by his collar*

The new deadline is July 25. Please let me know which cities you're claiming (by responding to this post), and I'll update the list - that way we can be sure no one is duplicating or claiming too many cities on one continent.

Help Athrun plan his dream date with Lacus:

List of locations pledged, here:

1. Aprilius (The PLANT capital)
2. Another PLANT city (so, I think the PLANTs as an option are done. But, there are other space colonies)
3. Detroit
4. Cairo
5. Los Angeles (North America is full)
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