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Win a Dream Date with Lacus Clyne (Challenge)

Ok, so YOU don't win one--

Yzak: WHAT?!
Dearka: You weren't dressed for it anyway *straightens bow tie on his tuxedo*
Kira: Wait, so I can't win, either?

No, it's a fanfiction challenge. Writers are going to--

Cagalli: Oh. *slinks away*

*blink blink* AS I WAS SAYING, this is an Athrun and Lacus Dream Date Challenge, where writers can pledge to write a fanfiction (one-shot) sending Athrun and Lacus on a dream date anywhere in the world! Or...universe (you can send them on a date in the PLANTs as well)

Athrun: So, I win?

Yes, Athrun. You win the dream date. Now, AUTHORS, where would you like to send Athrun and Lacus on their dream date? Write in and claim your city! I'll update the list in this post. We'll have a week of claiming and then 3 weeks to write, which puts us at a challenge deadline of June 22, 2008. Once you've made your claim, you can, of course, begin writing your fic - and post any time between now and June 22.

Limitations: We'll only allow 2 cities per continent. So, if someone picks New York and another picks Vancouver, then a third could not pick Mexico City. Likewise, if someone picks Paris and someone else picks Brussels, then a third person couldn't pick Rome or Lisbon.

Yzak: Why does HE win the date?
Rose: Because we said. If you want a date, go run your own challenge.
Yzak: I would, but how do I convince Lacus to play the Win a Dream Date with Yzak Jule challenge?
Rose: -____-;;;
Dearka: More like a nightmare.

...Dearka and Yzak continue bickering...

ANYWAY. So...Who's up for dream dating?

Lacus: Me!
Athrun: O_O Really?
Lacus: Of course, silly. Where are you going to take me?
Devil!Athrun: Oooooh, I'll take you anywhere. On the desk, in the shower, on the bed...
Saint!Athrun: I'd take her to a church so we can elope.
Lacus: Athrun?
Athrun: @___@
Lacus: *crosses arms and taps foot* Well? Where are you going to take me on that date?
Athrun: *looks at community members* HELP!


Help Athrun plan his dream date with Lacus:

List of locations pledged, here:

1. Aprilius (The PLANT capital)
2. Another PLANT city (so, I think the PLANTs as an option are done. But, there are other space colonies)
3. Detroit
4. Cairo

---PS. Does anyone have a list of known cities on the PLANTs?
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