the Black Rose (black_rose) wrote in whitesymphony,
the Black Rose

Name that Pic!

Well, ok, NAMING it might not be the right terminology, but we had some really cute bases uploaded the other day - and I'm challenging you (yes YOU) comm members to let's come up with some sayings to put on them for the community (innuendo all you want ^__~)

Here are the bases!

I've got some more themes we can do for an icon and fic challenge, too - or something else if someone has an idea. Fic exchange or drabbles name it. Even just a group chat would be fun.

Let me know what your idea is, and comment on the post with the icons. I'll be happy to try to put some on the bases or if we have someone else who'd actually be GOOD at it, please volunteer at this post. :)

*glomps you guys*

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