Image for layout from Gundam Seed. Lyrics from "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback. Graphics made in photoshop CS2 and coded in notepad. Made and coded by Inject.

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky Confusing stars for satellites I never dreamed that you'd be mine But here we are, we're here tonight Singing Amen, I, I'm alive Singing Amen, I, I'm alive If everyone cared and nobody cried If everyone loved and nobody lied If everyone shared and swallowed their pride Then we'd see the day when nobody died And I'm singing Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive And in the air the fireflies Our only light in paradise We'll show the world they were wrong And teach them all to sing along Singing Amen, I, I'm alive Singing Amen, I, I'm alive And as we lie beneath the stars We realize how small we are If they could love like you and me Imagine what the world could be If everyone cared and nobody cried If everyone loved and nobody lied If everyone shared and swallowed their pride Then we'd see the day when nobody died When nobody died...

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after more than a year 03 Nov 2009.08:41pm
Hi, I'm savantnicholas and I am incredibly sorry for not being able to submit my entry to the last contest. To make for it, I present 18 AtLa icons. Hope you guys like them.

26 x Axis Powers Hetalia
03 x Bleach
30 x Code Geass
18 x Gundam SeeD
02 x Harry Potter
12 x Kuroshitsuji
01 x Naruto
08 x Vocaloid
03 x Misc.


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the angel sings... 24 Jun 2009.03:36pm
Hello everybody. Is someone here?

Let me introduce myself,
I'm Moe, 17 years old and recently "new" (uhm, 1 1/2 month? XD') to the Gundam SEED/ DESTINY fandom.
English is not my first language, so, please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.

I finished Gundam SEED a few days ago and I have to say, that I'm totally in love with Athrun x Lacus. (I do like Kira x Lacus and Athrun x Cagalli too, but... °_°'') ATHRUNLACUSISTRUEEELOVEEEYAY. ; 3;
Anyway,  before my talk get too far.. *cough cough* I bring a little batch Icons with me. Not only to spread the Athrun x Lacus love.  X3' I hope you enjoy them, if you take one or more of them, credit would be nice.

Here's a preview, more under the cut. :3

Always, someday, for sure
with your hand in mine...Collapse )

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Win a Dream Date - News / Extension until July 25 21 Jun 2008.08:31pm
So, one of our very own community members is offering PRIZES in order to encourage folks. We have up on the prize block, some Hobbylink Japan gift certificates. In keeping with the spirit, I am adding a lovely Athrun x Lacus doujinshi by Soul Taker (I'll post some scans ASAP) - their work is by far one of my absolute favorites for this couple. :)

Sooooooooo, what this means is I'm going to extend the deadline and open the challenge up to more claiming. Please feel free to promote this contest on your ljs or any applicable comms (that wouldn't MIND a pimping post). If you want to mention the community in your Fanfiction.net profiles or your own websites, I'd be very appreciative.

The more dates Athrun gets, the more he'll continue to one-up Yzak...in just about everything.

Yzak: HEY! I heard that! Why am I even a part of these posts? I don't give a damn if that 2nd-rate has-been gets a date, especially not with Lacus!

Dearka: *drags Yzak away by his collar*

The new deadline is July 25. Please let me know which cities you're claiming (by responding to this post), and I'll update the list - that way we can be sure no one is duplicating or claiming too many cities on one continent.

Help Athrun plan his dream date with Lacus:

List of locations pledged, here:

1. Aprilius (The PLANT capital)
2. Another PLANT city (so, I think the PLANTs as an option are done. But, there are other space colonies)
3. Detroit
4. Cairo
5. Los Angeles (North America is full)

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Win a Dream Date with Lacus Clyne (Challenge) 22 May 2008.11:59am
Ok, so YOU don't win one--

Yzak: WHAT?!
Dearka: You weren't dressed for it anyway *straightens bow tie on his tuxedo*
Kira: Wait, so I can't win, either?

No, it's a fanfiction challenge. Writers are going to--

Cagalli: Oh. *slinks away*

*blink blink* AS I WAS SAYING, this is an Athrun and Lacus Dream Date Challenge, where writers can pledge to write a fanfiction (one-shot) sending Athrun and Lacus on a dream date anywhere in the world! Or...universe (you can send them on a date in the PLANTs as well)

Athrun: So, I win?

Yes, Athrun. You win the dream date. Now, AUTHORS, where would you like to send Athrun and Lacus on their dream date? Write in and claim your city! I'll update the list in this post. We'll have a week of claiming and then 3 weeks to write, which puts us at a challenge deadline of June 22, 2008. Once you've made your claim, you can, of course, begin writing your fic - and post any time between now and June 22.

Limitations: We'll only allow 2 cities per continent. So, if someone picks New York and another picks Vancouver, then a third could not pick Mexico City. Likewise, if someone picks Paris and someone else picks Brussels, then a third person couldn't pick Rome or Lisbon.

Yzak: Why does HE win the date?
Rose: Because we said. If you want a date, go run your own challenge.
Yzak: I would, but how do I convince Lacus to play the Win a Dream Date with Yzak Jule challenge?
Rose: -____-;;;
Dearka: More like a nightmare.

...Dearka and Yzak continue bickering...

ANYWAY. So...Who's up for dream dating?

Lacus: Me!
Athrun: O_O Really?
Lacus: Of course, silly. Where are you going to take me?
Devil!Athrun: Oooooh, I'll take you anywhere. On the desk, in the shower, on the bed...
Saint!Athrun: I'd take her to a church so we can elope.
Lacus: Athrun?
Athrun: @___@
Lacus: *crosses arms and taps foot* Well? Where are you going to take me on that date?
Athrun: *looks at community members* HELP!


Help Athrun plan his dream date with Lacus:

List of locations pledged, here:

1. Aprilius (The PLANT capital)
2. Another PLANT city (so, I think the PLANTs as an option are done. But, there are other space colonies)
3. Detroit
4. Cairo

---PS. Does anyone have a list of known cities on the PLANTs?

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Name that Pic! 14 May 2008.04:34pm
Well, ok, NAMING it might not be the right terminology, but we had some really cute bases uploaded the other day - and I'm challenging you (yes YOU) comm members to let's come up with some sayings to put on them for the community (innuendo all you want ^__~)

Here are the bases!


I've got some more themes we can do for an icon and fic challenge, too - or something else if someone has an idea. Fic exchange or drabbles or...you name it. Even just a group chat would be fun.

Let me know what your idea is, and comment on the post with the icons. I'll be happy to try to put some on the bases or if we have someone else who'd actually be GOOD at it, please volunteer at this post. :)

*glomps you guys*


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Gundam Seed Rp 05 May 2008.08:28pm
We finally have a Gundam Seed/Destiny RPG! Visit rpgundamseedfor details. 

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I come with bases/ icons! 01 May 2008.05:34pm
In an attempt to keep this going, while my brain is unable to put together any worthwhile stories. Ehh... D=

All from episode twenty of Gundam Seed: On a calm day. One of my favorite episodes.
They are technically bases but if by some chance they are taken and used for icons, I'd love to see what the end result is. =3
Mostly Athrun torture because it's fun. XD Those Haro are everywhere. (Pink-chan was like, around him at every second. o.o)

Not great quality because my resource was not good quality. Plus, I have a hunch photobucket screws with them a bit, they look much nicer in my files. D=

Uhhh... Otherwise... Enjoy if you can! ^^


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[FIC] Dusk (Rated R/NC-17) 31 Mar 2008.12:21am
Title: Dusk
Author: the Black Rose
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed. This fanfiction has no commercial value and I am not making any kind of profit or income off of this story, or the use of characters owned by Sunrise and Bandai.

x-posted to 30_kisses  

Warning: Rated R/NC-17 for graphic sexual content.

AN: Set post-Destiny, assumes the events in the original epilogue (extended footage), where Lacus appears to be heading back to the PLANTS in empress chairwoman attire.

'I feel like a child who ran away from home, thinking there was a better life out there. Only to realize,' Lacus swallowed and willed herself to continue. Athrun's eyes fixed on her. 'How much I loved and missed…who I was running from.'Collapse )

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Are You Feelin' Lucky VAF (Various Anime Fanfics) Contest 11 Mar 2008.06:17pm

We're holding a very special fanfiction contest in celebration of St.Patrick's Day...a holiday celebrating good luck and good fortune.

The contest will start March 17th and end April 17th that way everyone has over a month to come up with awesome one-shots.

Rules for the contest:

1. Must Be A One-Shot

2. Can Use Any Anime of Your Choosing

3. Minimum of 500 words (By that I mean 500 words are the least amount you can have)

4. Theme Is Good Luck/Good Fortune --Or-- St.Patrick's Day (whichever of the two you are most familiar with)

5. PM you're fanfiction.net or lj link to your story to either ladestiny92 or hotaruzala, with the PM subject being V-A-F Contest.

We look forward to seeing a lot of creative entries.
Winners will receive a banner for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, plus a special banner devoted to the Most Creative story. Good Luck and happy writing!

Here's the group link:


For questions, please contact: (hotaruzala)

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*throws confetti* 05 Feb 2008.09:28pm
It's February 5!


I wonder what Athrun will give her?

Since it's a special day, I'm sharing one of my Athrun x Lacus doujinshi...

Candle Night by Yuki Izana (Avemaria)

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