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the angel sings...

Hello everybody. Is someone here?

Let me introduce myself,
I'm Moe, 17 years old and recently "new" (uhm, 1 1/2 month? XD') to the Gundam SEED/ DESTINY fandom.
English is not my first language, so, please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.

I finished Gundam SEED a few days ago and I have to say, that I'm totally in love with Athrun x Lacus. (I do like Kira x Lacus and Athrun x Cagalli too, but... °_°'') ATHRUNLACUSISTRUEEELOVEEEYAY. ; 3;
Anyway,  before my talk get too far.. *cough cough* I bring a little batch Icons with me. Not only to spread the Athrun x Lacus love.  X3' I hope you enjoy them, if you take one or more of them, credit would be nice.

Here's a preview, more under the cut. :3

Always, someday, for sure

There are 11 Icons in total.
If you take them, please credit, thank you.
Icons made by me, Moecchan, Textures by Shizoo and Hana Graphics.


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